24x7 Availability

We're here for your pet, anytime, day or night.

Emergency Service

Immediate medical attention for urgent pet situations.

Treatment & Surgeries

Expert care for your pet's health issues, including surgery.

Critical Care

Professional advice and guidance for your pet's well-being.


Dedicated to Your Pet's Health

Emergencies? We're here 24/7. Your pet is our priority. When an animal needs veterinarian treatment, we offer the best care possible. Our advanced facility provides everything necessary to guarantee that your pet receives the best treatment possible, whether in an emergency or just for routine checkups.

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Emergency? We're Here for Your Furry Family

Complete Pet Care from blood transfusions to critical care, we offer advanced treatments & diagnostics to keep your furry friend healthy.

Radiology & Diagnostics

Advanced imaging for accurate diagnoses.


Bone & joint specialists keep your pet mobile and pain-free.


Endoscopy offers a safe and effective way to examine affected areas

Blood Transfusion
Blood Transfusion

Donating life-saving blood for your pet's emergencies.

We Keep Your Pet Safe And Good Anytime

We Keep Your Pet Safe And Good Anytime

"What matters most is your pet's safety and wellbeing. You may always rely on us to provide you with trustworthy care. Your loving pet is always in good hands when they are with us!"


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Team Members


Dr. Amit Rajan

DVM (Director)

Dr. Rajan Kansal


Our Team

Meet our dedicated team, Dr. Amit Ranjan, DVM, Director, and Dr. Rajan Kansal, BVSc, committed to your pet's well-being and care.


What Our Pet Parents Say

Happy clients rave about Intercity Clinic! From lifesaving to expert advice, we provide top-notch care 24/7. Your pet's health is our priority.

Jone Doe

Dog Owner

 “After my dog’s accident, I was terrified. But the blood transfusion at the Intercity clinic saved his life. They were fast, efficient, and gave me much peace of mind.”

Monika Scott

Cat Owner

My cat couldn’t jump anymore. He’s back to chasing butterflies thanks to Intercity Clinic’s orthopaedic surgery! They were caring and explained everything clearly.


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