Our Workflow

Our Workflow

24/7 Availability

Compassionate and comprehensive veterinary services for all family pets.

The pet and owner relationship is very unique and special. We strive to do our best to preserve that relationship by providing the best medical care possible.

No appointment is necessary if your pet becomes ill out-of-hours. When you arrive you will be met by our experienced, friendly receptionist who will assess your pet’s status. If your pet is critically ill he or she will be taken immediately to the treatment room and stabilised. If your pet is stable on arrival, you will be asked to complete a form with your details before being taken to a consultation room to await the vet on duty.


The veterinarian will perform a thorough physical examination and recommend either outpatient treatment to be followed up with your local veterinarian, or hospitalization with the appropriate treatment and diagnostic tests. The veterinarian will discuss all this with you and will give you an estimate of the cost associated. Sometimes it’s hard to give a complete estimate, in which case the veterinarian will give you a stage-by-stage cost estimate. Once you sign the estimate after agreeing to it, we will ask you for a deposit of 75% of the estimate upfront.

Please ask any questions about the pet’s condition and treatment, as it is very important that you feel comfortable with our proposed treatment. As a veterinarian, we always have to consider both the pet’s health and any of the owner’s financial concerns.

Diagnostics & Hospitalisation

Should your pet require Diagnostics (Blood test/ X-ray/ Ultrasound etc) and hospitalization, he or she will receive around-the-clock monitoring and treatment.

Our dedicated team, together with our medical equipment and facilities, provides the best possible care for your pet.


While your pet is in hospital we welcome you to phone for an update on how your pet is progressing. We will always contact you if there is any change to the treatment necessary for your pet or any change in their condition.


All hospitalized patients must be picked up by 07.30 am Monday to Saturday. If your pet requires ongoing hospitalisation we will discuss this with you so your regular veterinarian can continue treatment if that happens to not be Intercity Animal Emergency Clinic.

A full report on your pet’s treatment is given to you and a copy is forwarded to your vet if necessary.


Payment is required in full on discharge and can be made by cash, or all credit cards. We do not accept cheques. You will appreciate our service receives no government funding.

24/7 Emergency Care Available!